Are You Following the Right Nighttime Skin Care Routine?

nighttime skin care routineThe right nighttime skin care routine is critical in order to have healthy, glowing skin. Using the right products in the right order on a consistent basis can give you glowing, youthful-looking skin.

New skin cells grow faster while you are sleeping. The goal of a good nighttime facial routine should be to repair damage the skin experienced from a day’s worth of pollution, sun, and stress. You also need to hydrate since skin loses more water while you are asleep.

The first step should be to thoroughly clean your face to remove makeup, dirt, and oil. Many people do not properly wash their faces at night. Some dermatologists recommend using a cleansing brush with a gentle facial cleanser and warm water to remove dirt and oil. If you notice any changes in your skin after using a cleansing brush, reduce or stop your usage immediately.

If you have sensitive skin, use products that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Also look for noncomedogenic products that will not clog your pores.

Use a soothing face mask to help other products soak into your skin better. Face masks can have a variety of purposes, such as cleaning clogged pores and smoothing fine lines. They can also open pores to help active ingredients penetrate your skin.

A topical retinoid can reduce clogged pores, even out your skin tone, and promote the building of collagen. After you have cleaned your face, pat it dry and apply a small amount of retinoid all over your face, except around your eyes, the corners of your mouth, and the creases of your nose.

Retinoids can dry out your skin, so you should always follow them with a moisturizer. Nighttime moisturizers are thicker than daytime formulas and can make your skin soft. Look for a moisturizer with antioxidants, peptides, and vitamins A and C.

Put on night cream and then follow it with eye cream. Look for a formula with caffeine to reduce puffiness and niacinamide to increase the level of moisture in your skin.

It is important to get enough sleep. Without adequate rest, even the best combination of skin care products will not be fully effective.

Thermography Can Detect Breast Cancer Early

breast cancer screeningOne in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women under 45. Fifteen percent of all breast cancers occur in this age group. Breast cancer in younger women is usually more aggressive and has a lower survival rate.

Early detection is key to breast cancer survival. If it is discovered in its earliest stages, a survival rate of 95 percent is possible. Breast thermography can be a helpful tool for younger women that they can begin using with a baseline imaging at the age of 20.

Angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels, is necessary for a tumor to grow. Digital infrared imaging uses ultra-sensitive medical infrared cameras and computers to detect, analyze, and produce high-resolution images of temperature variations that can indicate an increase in metabolic activity and vascular circulation caused by a tumor. Thermography can use temperature changes to detect a pre-cancerous state or a tumor that is too small to be detected by physical examination, mammography, or other imaging techniques.

Women with a family history of breast cancer are at greater risk of developing the disease, but 75 percent of women with breast cancer have no family history. Exposure to certain hormones is a major risk factor for breast cancer. A thermogram can detect the effects of hormones in the breast. A doctor can conduct further tests and recommend treatment.

A woman with an abnormal thermogram has a future risk of developing breast cancer that is 10 times higher than a first order family history. Thermography can tell a woman if she has a future risk of developing breast cancer so she can work with her doctor to monitor her breast health.

Breast thermography is not a replacement for or alternative to mammography or other forms of breast imaging. It is meant to be used in addition to mammography and other tests or procedures. Thermography is meant to identify thermal emissions that suggest potential risk markers. It does not suggest diagnosis or treatment. Breast cancer can be detected at its earliest stages when multiple tests are used, including breast self-examination, breast exams by a doctor, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, thermography, and other tests ordered by a physician.

Beauty Products in Your Kitchen

beauty products kitchenThe market is full of expensive beauty products promising miraculous results, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get healthy skin and hair. You can find many effective and cheap beauty products in your own kitchen.

Strawberries are loaded with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants that can improve the health of skin. Strawberries have salicylic acid that removes dead skin cells and impurities and tightens pores. It can also lighten skin, remove age spots and freckles, and treat sunburn. Make a strong cup of strawberry leaf tea, let it cool, and then dab it on your skin.

Sunflower oil has vitamin E that can repair and protect skin and cleanse and moisturize skin that is prone to acne. It can also treat dandruff and repair split ends.

Honey is a natural moisturizer, antiseptic, and skin conditioner. Since it contains hydrogen peroxide, honey can be used in a mask to treat infected acne spots and lighten skin.

Tea, especially green and white, has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to fight the effects of aging. Tea leaves have caffeine constituents, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and antioxidant polyphenols that can improve circulation and skin’s tone and structure. To make your hair shinier, brew a cup of green tea, let it cool, rinse it through your hair, leave it on for 10 minutes, and shampoo.

Citrus fruit rinds have essential oils that tone and detoxify skin. Mandarin oranges and tangerines have astringent properties that can treat oily skin.

Oatmeal is a good alternative to a traditional face scrub because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can draw toxins from the skin and exfoliate.

Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, can soothe red or inflamed skin, treat acne, and clean hair.

Horsetail has minerals and nutrients, including manganese, calcium, and iron. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Horsetail and olive oil can be combined and rubbed onto nails to encourage growth and reduce the presence of white spots.

Cinnamon has antioxidants. To get plumper lips, mix cinnamon with a dab of Vaseline, rub it onto your lips, and then rinse it off.

Rosemary can repair damaged hair shafts and make hair shiny. Add rosemary to boiling water to make tea, let it cool, and then rinse your hair with it.

How to Get Radiant Skin

healthy skin tipsEveryone wants glowing skin, but with so many products on the market, all of the recommendations can be confusing. Here are some tips straight from dermatologists.

A nutritious diet is the best way to get youthful skin. Reduce the amount of bread, pasta, and sugar you consume and fill your plate with lean protein, greens, and healthy fats. These foods will help your skin renew itself, improve hydration, and increase the amount of oxygen in your skin.

Take your time and do a good job washing your face. You need to remove dirt and oil that can clog your pores. Spray a hydrating mist on your face after you wash it to neutralize the elements in tap water that are harsh to skin. After you apply your skin care products, mist your face again to seal them in.

Fine lines start near the eyes and can extend all the way to the hairline. When applying eye cream, start at the corner of your inner eye and go all the way to your cheekbone and hairline. You should cover the area that is covered by a pair of sunglasses.

A face oil can nourish your skin and make it glow without making it greasy. Skin oils do not clog pores, but rather balance oil production. Apply a face oil to damp skin in the morning and at night, either alone or with a tinted moisturizer.

Protect your skin from the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. You can also protect your skin with clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

Picking at pimples can cause redness, scarring, and the spread of bacteria that can lead to an infection. Use a spot treatment with salicylic acid to treat pimples. If your acne doesn’t clear up, see your dermatologist or aesthetician. Don’t look in a magnifying mirror because that will only encourage you to pick at your skin.

Ice can give you fresh-looking skin. When you put it on a pimple, it reduces redness and inflammation. It can also exfoliate skin and preserve a healthy glow. Be sure to move the ice around continuously to avoid burning your skin.

During the day, your skin works hard to protect your body from the sun’s UV rays and pathogens and to help regulate metabolism and body temperature. It is essential to get enough sleep at night so that your skin can produce the collagen and elastin that keeps it firm and toned.

The Benefits of Dimensional Hair Foiling

hair foilingDimensional foiling, also known as multi-dimensional color and foil, is a hair coloring technique that can add style, depth, and dimension to your look. Hair foiling can create a streaking effect that gives hair defined, multi-layered highlights. The process can be used to create a soft and subtle or bold look.

Highlights are strips of hair that are dyed a lighter color than your natural hair, and lowlights are dyed darker than your natural color. Dimensional foiling can be used to apply more than one color in a single procedure and can provide more even coverage in the highlights and lowlights than other techniques. Highlights and lowlights can give curly hair more depth and make straight hair appear to have more volume.

Using foils in highlighting offers several benefits over other techniques. It allows the stylist to have more control over where the highlights are placed, makes it easier to control the amount of highlighting, and allows the stylish to create even coverage. Using more than one color in a single procedure can create a more vibrant or subtle effect, depending on the colors chosen. It also allows the stylist to keep part of the hair the natural color and change the color of the rest, using the natural color as a highlight.

The Beauty Bar carries a wide selection of vibrant, rich hair colors to accent your natural look or create a bolder new hairstyle. Our experienced stylists will work with you to help you choose the perfect color combination and help you create a multi-dimensional look using dimensional foiling.

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