Prepare for Prom with The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar has many beauty services that are perfect for getting you ready for prom.


Prom season is here! It is time for girls to pick out that perfect dress, get tan, and get beautified for the big night. Every girl wants to look her best on prom night and The Beauty Bar can help. Located in Southington, Connecticut, The Beauty Bar is the premiere salon in the state. The Beauty Bar offers a variety of services that can help you look your very best for prom this year.

Hair and Makeup

Let The Beauty Bar professionally do your hair and makeup and you will be the envy of every other girl at the prom! At The Beauty Bar you can get Fusion Hair Extensions just like the celebrities do. They will give you the perfect volume and length you are looking for and will even last several months. Next let the Beauty Squad give you the perfect up do. They have the skill and experience to do short bob and pixie cuts, to long hair with layers and bangs. Bring in any tear sheets of fashions you like and the Beauty Squad will craft and sculpt a style that highlights your best features. After your hair is perfect, the Beauty Squad can put on traditional or airbrush makeup. They will apply the right tones and shades to bring out your natural beauty.

Spray Tanning

The Beauty Squad knows that you want to look tan and gorgeous for your prom. However, you may not have had enough time in the sun and don’t want to use harmful tanning beds. By appointment and on-location only, the Beauty Squad will come to your home and give you a spray tan. At The Beauty Bar, they use Xen-Tan sunless tanning products that will give you that natural looking tan you desire. This is a healthy alternative to the sun and tanning beds. The Beauty Squad will give you the perfect tan for your Beauty Bar CTskin tone with no streaks or orange color. In just one session, you can have that sun-kissed tan that will look great in your prom pictures.

On-Location Services

The day of your prom will be a hectic one. You will be rushing around trying to get everything ready. Let The Beauty Bar make your life a little be easier and give you rock star-like treatment with their on-location services. The Beauty Squad will come to your home on the big day to do your hair, makeup, lashes, and even a quick spray tan. Getting ready for prom should be a fun and relaxing experience, not a stressful one. You and your friends can get ready like a celebrity with your own hair and makeup staff.

The Beauty Bar will make sure you look your best for prom night. Whether you come into the salon or they come to your home, you can be sure that you will be the envy of everyone at the dance.

Xen-Tan Spray Tanning

Get a safe and natural looking tan by using Xen-Tan sunless tanning products.

Spray Tan

With spring here, many people are going to start working on their tan. Men and women have become more concerned in the past decade with getting that perfect tan. Even when it is cold out people want to stay tan and many use dangerous tanning beds that can cause cancer. Spray tanning using Xen-Tan sunless tanning products can safely give you that natural looking tan you want for vacation, prom, wedding, or pictures.Xen-Tan

Many people think that spray tanning will leave their skin bright orange and give them an unnatural look. Xen-Tan sunless tanning products will give you only the most natural looking tan that is the right shade and tone for your complexion. Many light skinned people are easily burned and more likely to get skin cancer even from natural sunlight. Xen-Tan spray tan allows light skinned people to get that sun kissed skin they want at no risk.

Many times weddings and proms happen during months where natural tans just aren’t an option. It can also take several trips to an unsafe tanning bed to achieve a tan. One session of spray tan will give you a great tan complexion so you can look amazing for wedding or prom pictures. If you get your friends together, many companies who use Xen-Tan products will come on-location for a spray tanning party. This is the perfect way for a bride and her bridesmaids or group of friends to get the perfect tan.

So next time you think about going outside to tan or lay in a tanning bed, think about the health risk you are taking. Whether you need a tan for a special event, want one for vacation, or just want to look great, you should get a spray tan. You can feel confident that you are getting a safe tan with Xen-Tan products.

Picking out a Trendy Prom Dress for 2013

Prom season is almost here and girl have to start searching for their perfect dress now!

Prom is an event that every girl will remember. While having the right date, the right make-up, and the right ride are all very important, there is one thing every girl has to have. High school girls will look far and wide to make sure they pick out the perfect dress. With prom season coming up fast, it is time to start looking for that perfect dress so you can be the envy of all the girls at the dance! To help you pick out a dress that is not only fabulous but trendy, we have compiled some of the top dresses for Prom 2013.

1) The Long Dress

This is a classic style that is making a comeback. Celebrities like Taylor Swift are reviving the elegant look and girls should try and find something long for their prom.

Long Dress

2) Backless Dresses

Showing a little skin in the back is sexy but classy. If you do not want to show off too much back, cut-outs are also very hot right now. They show off just enough back to get the sexy style you want without being completely backless.

Backless Dress

3) Sequins/ Big Stones

Sequin is one prom dress style that is always in. Also having big stones on a see-through or nude color material is a style popularized by fashion aficionados.

Sequin Dress

4) Bright Colors

Neon colors are in right now for EVERYTHING. Shoes, shirts, shorts, just about anything looks good in neon. Stand out at your prom with a neon green, yellow, or pink long dress.

Neon Dress

5) High-Low Cut Dress

This is for the girl who wants the best of both worlds. The front of the dress shows off a lot of leg, but the back is long and elegant. Another benefit is that the high part of the dress allows the girl to show off her high-heeled shoes.

High-Low Cut Dress

Special Occasion Hair

Special Occasion HairIf you’ve been invited to or are planning your own special occasion, be it a wedding, bridal shower, girl’s night out or publicity event, you’ll need a creative and distinct hair cut that will fit the theme and make you stand out from the rest of the guests. One’s appearance at a social event is extremely important and in addition to makeup and spray tanning you also need to pay attention to your hair. At the Beauty Bar we have a lot of experience with hair styling for special occasions and can create a look for you that will highlight your natural attributes and make your hair shine and glow.

Some women get nervous before big events simply because they have no idea what to do with their hair. Showing up with an everyday cut is unacceptable and with all the styles available it’s hard to choose. At the Beauty Bar you get a full consultation with a Beauty Squad hair stylist who will discuss the features of your hair, what styles will look best and of coloring should be included. Some women do better with long hair while others are made for short bob cuts and with the experts at the Beauty Bar assessing your hair you can be confident that the style we come up with is the best option for your next special occasion.

From loose French twists with cascading tendrils to a tight, rolled chignon at the base of the neck, the Beauty Bar offers an amazing selection of hair up do’s and special occasion styles to prepare you for a Sweet 16 birthday, prom, wedding, bridal shower or movie premier. Have fun with your hair by enlisting the Beauty Squad’s team of stylists to find the hair style that is right for you.

Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair ColorFor the past year one of the hottest trends in women’s hair styles is the Ombre Hair color that features a half brown half blonde look. The darker, more natural hues can be found at the roots with gradually dyed lightening at the ends. Some of the women who have been sporting the Ombre look during the past year include Sara Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and Khloe Kardashian.

Now that the first-adopters of Hollywood have set the standard many women are seeking out beauty and hair salons that offer this unique service and The Beauty Bar in Southington, CT is one salon that offers Ombre Hair color services. While this coloring service can be performed at home trying several DIY methods for achieving the Ombre look, as with most coloring applications it is best to trust in a professional to avoid a disastrous outcome that will only have you making an appointment for corrective coloring.

While many celebrities have tried the Ombre look, including Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, perhaps none have pulled off the two-toned look quite as well as that other Kardashian sister, Khloe, wife of NBA star Lamar Odom. Khloe has tried several different styles for her hair including brown, light brown and red but her decision to go with a honey-tinged mocha color has been praised by many beauty mag editors as the perfect look for her. And with success comes imitation as many women are trying the Ombre looks as well with both long and short women’s haircuts. If you’re interested in giving the Ombre look a shot book your appointment today at The Beauty Bar and see what a two-tone lightening can do for your hair.

Airbrush Makeup is great for girls to use when getting Senior Portraits done. No more retouching makeup in-between outfit changes!