Make Your Hair Less Oily by Washing It Less Often

If you have an oily scalp, you may wash your hair every day to try to control the amount of oil it produces and to prevent your hair from becoming a greasy mess. That may seem logical, but the truth is that washing your hair every day can actually make your scalp produce more oil, which can make the problem worse.

Washing your hair every day robs it of moisture, which can dry out your scalp, make your hair brittle, and lead to breakage. When your hair and scalp are dried out, your scalp responds by producing more oil. You can make your scalp produce less oil by washing your hair less often. While it may seem counterintuitive, it works. Here are some tips to make your scalp produce less oil so you can break out of your habit of washing your hair every day.

When to Wash Your Hair and How to Style It

Start out by washing your hair as you normally would on the first day. You can use your favorite products and style your hair as you normally would. Using products and styling your hair will give it texture that can make it look less greasy.

Don’t wash your hair the next day. When you shower, put your hair up in a clip or put on a shower cap so it will not get wet. You can style your hair and use a little bit of dry shampoo if it is oily.

On the third day, you can use more dry shampoo to control oil. If your hair is starting to get greasy, you can wear it up or pull it back. A bun or a ponytail will use the texture and oil in your hair to make it look smooth.

On the fourth day, if you don’t need to wash your hair, don’t. You can wear a hat if you can or wash your hair if you find that it is necessary.

It will take some time for your hair to adjust to less-frequent washing. After a few weeks, you should begin to notice that your hair is less oily on days when you don’t wash it. Your hair will look and feel healthier and will be easier to manage.

Get a New Hairstyle at The Beauty Bar

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Which Foundation Is Right for Your Skin Type?

The right foundation can give you a smooth, flawless complexion. Not every foundation is right for every face. You need to choose a product based on your skin type to get the best results. Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of foundation.

Matte-Finish Liquid Foundation

If you have normal to oily skin, you can use a matte-finish liquid foundation. This is a lightweight foundation that will not feel heavy on your skin and can be blended easily. It can prevent excess shine for a few hours if you have oily skin. A matte-finish liquid foundation can also cover blemishes.

A foundation with a matte finish can exaggerate wrinkles if it is too dry. You can avoid this by putting on a light layer of moisturizer or serum before your foundation. Don’t try to fix mistakes after your foundation has set because that can cause rolling or streaking.

Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

A moisturizing liquid foundation can provide light to medium coverage and can give your skin a natural look. It can hydrate dry skin without making it greasy. If you have normal to dry skin, choose a foundation with a satin or satin-matte finish. You should not use a moisturizing foundation if you have combination to oily skin because it can make your skin oilier.

Powder Foundation

If your skin is normal, slightly dry, or slightly oily, you can use a pressed powder or loose powder foundation for a smooth finish. You can choose a foundation with a slight luminescence to give your face a soft glow. A powder foundation can be used with a daytime moisturizer that contains sunscreen to reduce the shiny finish. You should not use a powder finish with very oily skin because it can look clumpy or settle into your pores. If your skin is very oily, the foundation can change color. If your skin is dry or flaky, a powder foundation will make it drier.

Cream-to-Powder Foundation

A cream-to-powder compact foundation is best for normal, slightly dry, or slightly oily skin. It can be blended quickly and easily with a brush or sponge and will leave a satin-matte or powdery finish. It can provide a wide range of coverage and is good for touchups. Do not use a cream-to-powder compact foundation if you have very oily skin because it will make it look shinier. It can also make very dry skin look drier.

Stick Foundation

A stick foundation can provide medium to full coverage and is good for touchups. Some have a thick and waxy texture that looks heavy and can clog pores. It can be difficult to blend a stick foundation over a large area. A foundation with a creamy finish can settle in creases around the eyes.

Tinted Moisturizer and BB Cream

A tinted moisturizer or BB cream does not need to exactly match your skin color because it will blend in and be almost invisible. It can provide you with a natural look with a touch of color while also hydrating your skin and protecting it from the sun.

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How to Choose the Right Hair Dryer and Attachments

You probably use a hair dryer to get your hair ready to go out and to make it hold the style you want. Hair dryers come in several types that can be used with different hair types. You can also use an attachment to get the look you want. Here are some tips to help you choose the right hair dryer and attachment for your hair.

Types of Hair Dryers

An ionic hair dryer creates millions of negative ions that break down water molecules to dry hair faster. Sometimes people who use an ionic hair dryer continue using it even after their hair is dry, especially around their faces, and over-dry their hair. Be careful not to use an ionic hair dryer for too long.

A ceramic hair dryer emits infrared heat. This dries hair gently to avoid causing heat damage.

A tourmaline hair dryer emits infrared heat and negative ions. It dries hair gently and makes it shiny and less frizzy. A tourmaline hair dryer also allows hair to withstand more heat without damage.

Hair Dryer Attachments

Depending on the type of hair you have, you may also want to use a diffuser. This attachment distributes heat and can give curly or wavy hair more body and bounce. Use a diffuser with a low heat setting to release a gentle stream of warm air that will not cause your hair to become tangled or frizzy.

Another attachment you can try is a concentrator. This directs and focuses air to control frizz and hold the style in place. Hold the concentrator a few inches away from your hair and pull your hair tightly with a rounded brush.

Choose the Right Heat Setting

The amount of heat you should use will depend on your hair type. High heat should only be used on very thick or coarse hair or hair that is very wet.

Keep the dryer moving and do not focus on one section of hair for too long because that can cause heat damage. Use a low heat setting if you have thin or fragile hair or if it is only damp, not wet.

A range of 1300 to 1875 watts is generally good for regular at-home use. If you only want to use a hair dryer to dry your bangs or set your curls, you can use a dryer with a lower wattage since you are not trying to cut down on the drying time.

Some hair dryers have a “cool shot” button. That seals the cuticle, sets the look, and makes hair shiny. Use the cool shot feature after your hair is 80 percent dry to finish drying it and protect it from heat damage. It can also be used to lock in curls or waves.

Always Use a Heat Protectant

No matter what kind of hair dryer and attachment you use for your hair, you should always apply a heat protectant product first. A serum, lotion, or spray can protect your hair from heat and prevent it from drying out and becoming frizzy.

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A Clarifying Shampoo Can Give You Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Many women use several styling products, such as gel, mousse, hairspray, masks, and leave-in conditioner, to get the look they want. These products can help your hair hold a style, but over time they can leave residue that builds up and weighs down hair. Hair can also become weighed down or damaged by the environment. A clarifying shampoo can remove buildup and give you healthier hair.

Difference between Clarifying Shampoo and Regular Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are also known as “purifying,” “detox,” and “deep-cleansing.” They are designed to remove product buildup, such as silicones, waxes, moisturizers, oil, mousse, dry shampoo, and hairspray. A clarifying shampoo can also remove mineral deposits if you have hard water and chlorine if you like to swim in a pool.

Regular shampoos are designed to clean hair gently. They have a smaller amount of surfectants to clean and a larger proportion of moisturizing ingredients. Clarifying shampoos have more cleaning agents and fewer conditioning agents. There are several times when you should choose a clarifying shampoo instead of your regular shampoo.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Product and Chemical Buildup

If your hair has been difficult to style lately, it could be because it has a buildup of products. A clarifying shampoo can help you start with a clean slate and make your hair healthier. You may need to use it as often as once a week or as little as once a month, depending on the number and type of products you use. Washing with a clarifying shampoo will give you a clean foundation and make the styling products you use work better.

Swimming in a pool treated with chlorine can cause your hair to become a greenish color. You can protect it by wearing a swimming cap or by using a clarifying shampoo once a week to once a month, depending on how often you swim and the condition of your hair.

Clarifying Shampoo Can Make Fine or Oily Hair More Manageable

If you have straight, fine hair, a clarifying shampoo can give it a boost. It can remove oil and give your hair more volume. Use more conditioner the next time you wash your hair.

If your hair is oily, a clarifying shampoo can help. You can then use a small amount of conditioner or none at all. Don’t use a clarifying shampoo every time you wash your oily hair.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo before Treatments

Using a weekly hair mask can give your hair more moisture and make it healthier. A mask will work better if you wash your hair first with a clarifying shampoo.

You can also use a clarifying shampoo before you have your hair dyed. This will remove any buildup so the product will be able to react better with your hair. Wash with a clarifying shampoo one or two days before you dye your hair so it will have a chance to produce more natural oils. After you dye your hair, you should only use a clarifying shampoo before you go in for a touchup because it can fade your color.

If you have dyed blonde hair that tends to look brassy, clarifying shampoo can help. Bleaching hair makes it more porous, which causes it to absorb yellow from the environment, such as mineral deposits from water, pollution, cigarette smoke, or styling products. You could benefit from using a clarifying shampoo once a week.

Make an Appointment at The Beauty Bar

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How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

skin-hydrated-winterDuring the winter, warm indoor air, hot showers, and wind can make your skin dry, chapped, and cracked. This can feel uncomfortable and can also affect your appearance. Fortunately, there are some small changes you can make to your routine to keep your skin hydrated and healthy this winter.

A Healthy Diet Can Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Your diet has a major impact on the health of your skin. Eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, nuts, beans, olive oil, squash, and flaxseeds, can hydrate the skin from the inside. You can also take fish oil supplements.

Drinking enough water is important all year, but especially in the winter. Drinking water can help keep your skin healthy, but it is not a cure-all for dry winter skin.

How to Avoid Drying out Your Skin

Hot showers and baths can feel relaxing after time spent out in the cold, but they can also dry out your skin because hot water breaks down the lipid barrier and causes skin to lose moisture. Take warm baths or showers instead.

Over-washing with soap and hot water can rob your skin of its natural oils. Avoid over-washing and apply a moisturizer while your skin is still damp to help it retain moisture.

A humidifier can add moisture to the air in your home. Leave it on at night when you are sleeping.

Exfoliate Less Often in the Winter

Exfoliating your skin can remove dead cells and leave you with a smooth complexion, but doing it too much in the winter can damage your skin. Exfoliate about once every one to two weeks in the winter.

Use the Right Products on Your Skin

Before you go to bed, put a heavy moisturizer on your skin. Look for a product that contains oatmeal, natural oils, or essential oils to help treat dry skin. Put a hand cream on your hands before you go to bed. Put a rich moisturizer on your feet and put on a pair of socks to help seal in the moisture.

If you have a lightweight moisturizer that you like, you can continue to use it in the winter, but you should pair it with a serum. Apply the lightweight moisturizer first, wait five minutes for it to be absorbed, and then apply a serum or moisturizer. You can moisturize your face in the morning and at night.

Your skin needs to be protected from the sun every day, even in the winter. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day, regardless of the weather.

Keep Your Lips Hydrated

Your lips need to be moisturized in the winter too. Use an exfoliating treatment once a week to remove dead skin cells. Don’t use scented products or lip stains that contain ingredients that could dry out your lips. Carry lip balm for times when your lips need a little extra moisture.

Have Your Makeup Done for a Special Occasion

Following these tips will help you have healthy and hydrated skin this winter. If you have a special event coming up, such as a holiday party or a winter wedding, and you need to have your makeup done, make an appointment at The Beauty Bar. We can help you choose the right colors and products for your event and give you skin care tips to keep your complexion healthy all year. Schedule your appointment today.

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