Bridal Makeup CT

Bridal Makeup CTWedding facility? Check. Groom? Check. Bridal Makeup? Is your wedding day missing something? If you want to be the fairy-tale bride you’ve always dreamt of don’t forget the most important part… the bridal makeup. This is your day. The spotlights will be shining on your every move and if an action isn’t captured on a video camera no doubt someone snapped it with a digital camera. You can’t afford a moment when your makeup smudges or smears so if you are planning a wedding in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts or Rhode Island contact the Beauty Squad from the Beauty Bar to get the bridal wedding makeup you need to be ready for your all-day close up.

In our combined years of makeup styling we’ve used many brands and products for makeup. Thankfully we discovered the MAC PRO airbrush makeup system that is perfect for brides. Originally used by Hollywood stylists and runway models, the MAC PRO Iwatta air brush makeup system is now available everywhere and with the Beauty Bar’s expert makeup artists providing smooth techniques with vibrant colors you’ll get a stunning and long-lasting makeup foundation that will prepare you for every photo opportunity at the wedding. From the grand entrance and first dance to cutting the cake and tossing the garter, you are center stage for every moment at the wedding which is why you need full and even coverage from your makeup and the confidence in knowing it won’t smear or smudge.

Our Beauty Squad is mobile and will travel throughout New England and the Tri-State area to help brides achieve that special look on their big day. The Beauty Bar is one of Connecticut’s premier beauty salons and we pride ourselves on delivering amazing bridal and wedding makeup that fits the bride’s natural features and the theme of the wedding. We know how important this day is and what a difference the right makeup can have so we treat every bride as if they were about to hail a carriage to a royal wedding.

Corrective Coloring… Yup, We Do That

Today DIY (do it yourself) has become a war cry for many people who refuse to believe there is nothing out there they can’t do themselves. While this philosophy is great for inspiring people to reach beyond what they think is possible it can also be detrimental when people get in over their heads. From the dangerous (chain sawing trees near your house) to the harmless (attempting your own song demo) doing things yourself can save time and money. However, one area that should be left to professionals is hair coloring. By now you’ve certainly seen the horrendous outcomes that have occurred when women attempt to color their own hair including orange the color of napalm, red so unnatural it’s unnerving and blondes that may require batteries. At The Beauty Bar we specialize in corrective coloring that will undo the fiasco you got out of the box from the store and return your hair to a shiny and natural glow.

As soon as people see a product that can save them a trip to a salon they grab it. From makeup applications to false lashes cosmetic store shelves are full of products women can buy that will give them the opportunity to do a little creating with their own style. But hair coloring is another matter and the consequences of a bad hair coloring job don’t come out as easy as blush you don’t like. Also, many hair coloring products have chemicals that if left too long in your hair can cause entire sections of your hair to break off when brushing.

Another problem with doing coloring on your own is in knowing if your hair is even ready for coloring. If your hair is too damaged to color correctly and is in desperate need of serious conditioning and rehydration and you fail to realize it, your coloring job will most likely disappoint you and also cause unnecessary damage to your hair. Spare yourself the money, time and frustration of a bad coloring job at home and schedule a coloring appointment today with the experienced hair stylists at the Beauty Salon. We’ve seen the worst of the worst when it comes to hair coloring so don’t be ashamed to contact us and let us in on your dirty little DIY secret. Call us today and make an appointment to correct your hair color and give you a look and hue that will make you feel confident again.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush MakeupOnce the secret to the glamorous looks of Hollywood stars and runway models, the technique of airbrush makeup is now available to anyone who wants a natural looking, even coverage makeup that uses a 1/3 less product than traditional makeup and won’t smudge or smear. At The Beauty Bar we instantly fell in love with the MAC PRO airbrush system that features the Iwatta airbrush. This airbrush it allows for easy application, full and even coverage and a natural look that will last throughout the day or important social events including weddings, bridal showers, private parties and photo shoots.

Having tried many other airbrush systems, the makeup artists at The Beauty Bar are in agreement that MAC PRO foundation is bar none the best airbrush makeup system available. Even if you have an experienced makeup artist providing your blush, eye shadow and lipstick they can be limited if using an inferior airbrush system. With the combined experience and creativity of the Beauty Bar makeup artists and the superior MAC PRO airbrush tools we can give you the look you’ve always wanted.

Airbrush techniques are ideal for wedding makeup, bridal makeup and events where high definition cameras and video cameras will be used. Even under the most intense pressure and hottest of spotlights, MAC PRO airbrush makeup won’t smear off and the texture is ideal for HD film. If you want to have a long-lasting and full makeup application for a special event or party contact the makeup artists at The Beauty Bar today and schedule your appointment.

Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair ColorFor the past year one of the hottest trends in women’s hair styles is the Ombre Hair color that features a half brown half blonde look. The darker, more natural hues can be found at the roots with gradually dyed lightening at the ends. Some of the women who have been sporting the Ombre look during the past year include Sara Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and Khloe Kardashian.

Now that the first-adopters of Hollywood have set the standard many women are seeking out beauty and hair salons that offer this unique service and The Beauty Bar in Southington, CT is one salon that offers Ombre Hair color services. While this coloring service can be performed at home trying several DIY methods for achieving the Ombre look, as with most coloring applications it is best to trust in a professional to avoid a disastrous outcome that will only have you making an appointment for corrective coloring.

While many celebrities have tried the Ombre look, including Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, perhaps none have pulled off the two-toned look quite as well as that other Kardashian sister, Khloe, wife of NBA star Lamar Odom. Khloe has tried several different styles for her hair including brown, light brown and red but her decision to go with a honey-tinged mocha color has been praised by many beauty mag editors as the perfect look for her. And with success comes imitation as many women are trying the Ombre looks as well with both long and short women’s haircuts. If you’re interested in giving the Ombre look a shot book your appointment today at The Beauty Bar and see what a two-tone lightening can do for your hair.

Airbrush Makeup is great for girls to use when getting Senior Portraits done. No more retouching makeup in-between outfit changes!