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Are you hoping for a fun and rewarding career in the beauty industry?

Are you planning a career in beauty? Right now beauty salons are more popular than ever and jobs for trained make-up artists are in demand so if you enjoy the haute couture world of beauty and fashion sign up today for the exclusive Makeup Artistry Course available only through The Beauty Bar.

Makeup application is both an art and a science and in these extensive courses (Beginner and Advanced) you'll learn everything you need to start work immediately making beautiful eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips. Many beauticians can offer advice and tips on makeup application but only with the trained pros at The Beauty Bar do you get hands-on training that is practical and will prepare you for your next job.

How to get started in our Makeup Artistry Courses:

  • Place a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE retainer to register and hold your spot in the class.
  • Fill out our NON-DISCLOSURE contract along with your student contract.
  • You MUST be 18 years old or older to enroll.

Payment Options:

After your retainer is deducted, your balance can be set up into two payment options:

  • A weekly payment leading up to start course date.
  • A monthly payment leading up to start course date.

Beginner Makeup Artistry

We break down our makeup course into beginner and advanced. We typically require all students to begin with the beginner course, which includes a full kit. That same kit is also used in our advanced course. We focus mainly on hands on work during your time here, part of the class is lecture and the rest is practical work.

We like preparing our future artists for the workforce by incorporating real life scenarios and challenges.  This is for the ladies & gents who aspire to be a makeup artist but need to learn all the basics. Remember you need to put the foundation of a house down before you get to building all of the beautiful architecture. Our goal is for the student to leave this course with a solid  foundation on makeup application through a combination of great techniques and the use of top quality products in the business.

Upon completion of our beginner and advanced courses - you will then receive your makeup artistry certification.

Course Cost: $1,850
Course Schedule: 2 weeks

Including a full kit featuring top names in the industry

  • Makeup Forever
  • Urban Decay
  • Sigma

Topics covered in the beginner course are:

  • Sanitation
  • Product Knowledge (brushes, products, etc)
  • Skin Care/Primers/Lotions
  • Face Shapes/Bone Structure
  • Color Matching/Base/Concealer/Corrector
  • Blending/Contouring
  • Formulation
  • Everyday Makeup
  • False Eyelashes/Application
  • Mature Skin
  • Photography & Lighting
  • Practice on Models
  • Demonstration
  • Consultation with Clients*

Advanced Makeup Artistry

This course is designed for the makeup artist who aspires to further their education and master the techniques of makeup application. The ultimate goal is to enhance your skills to the level of a professional artist through the utilization of your prior knowledge. Our students learn by applying, not just listening and watching. You will gain information that is vital to work in the wedding industry, photoshoots, corporate, and in television production.

Take your makeup artistry skills to a higher level to further perfect your craft!

Course Cost: $1,500 (without kit) | $1,900 (with kit)
Course Schedule: 2 weeks

If you are advancing from our beginner course then your kit will rollover, if you are a new student to our program we will supply you with a kit.

Your makeup kit comes supplied with top featured brands in the industry:

  • Makeup Forever
  • Urban Decay
  • Sigma

Topics covered in the advanced course are:

  • Transition from subtle to dramatic looks
  • Facial contouring with cream based products vs powder
  • Assessing clients facial structures and how to enhance/compliment
  • Matching appropriate foundation & concealer to your client
  • Skin types (oily, dry, combination)
  • How to prepare the face for makeup application
  • Applying makeup for print photography and how it translates to pictures
  • Makeup for bridal vs theater, film, television
  • Professionalism during client consultations and assessing what “look” the client is aiming to achieve

Our instructors have a history of working in retail (MAC & Sephora) and are currently apart of our Beauty Squad working on location for photo shoots, bridal print, special events and weddings. They are skilled in the area of applying makeup, teaching all necessary techniques of makeup artistry and proper client interaction.

Each class includes a theory and demonstration portion which best allows the student to grasp and perform the techniques taught. This level of application allows the student to grow from a novice level to a professional makeup artist. Upon completion of the course, through class participation, demonstration, attendance and final practical the student will receive an advanced makeup artist certificate through The Beauty Bar.

We strongly believe that in order to further your career in the beauty industry it is crucial that one is up-to-date with a variety of skills through education and knowledge.

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Once you've completed our in-depth Make-Up Artistry Courses you'll have the skill and confidence to make makeup application your career. Our instructors are fun and make each class a learning experience you can't find anywhere else.