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hair stylist ctWhen summer comes around, women are all too eager to get outside and play in the sun. From the beach to the pool, summer should be a carefree time of parties and looking your best. However, if you are not careful, the intense UV sunlight, salt water of the ocean and chlorine of a pool can do serious damage to your hair.

At The Beauty Bar we want you to look your very best so we offer a few tips on treating hair in summer:

Protection from the Sun: Did you know that UVA and UVB rays have the ability to damage your hair from the cuticle to the inner structure? It's true and if it does this can result in faded hair color, dry and brittle hair, broken or split ends and frizzy hair. In short, a day in the sun can lead to a very bad hair day. In order to protect your locks from the sun, consider using shampoos and conditioners with SPF over 10. If the sun is really intense and you've been out for awhile, consider donning a straw hat to ensure your hair stays protected.

Protection from Salt Water: What would summer be without a few days at the beach? But be careful, spending time in the salt water of the ocean can create a high-saline solution which can build up and cause hair to feel dry, weighed down and difficult to style. As soon as possible, rinse your hair with fresh water and consider using special shampoos that are designed to effectively remove salt water from hair.

Protection from Chlorine: If you prefer the pool over the beach, know that the chlorinated water can also do damage to your hair. A swim now and then won't cause much harm but if you swim regularly you may experience over-drying, increased porosity and in some cases significant damage. A good tip is to saturate your hair before taking a swim and use clean tap water. Also rinse your hair thoroughly when exiting the pool as soon as possible. You should also look into specially formulated shampoos that are designed to help remove chlorine from your hair.

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