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A lot of women trust in their stylists and that's a good thing. However, if you are visiting someone new or have ideas for a new look it is important that you consult with your hair and makeup stylist to ensure you are both on the same page. Many people are afraid to ask questions, whether of their insurance agent, plumber or repairman but the only way to get what you want out of life is to ask for it. Hair and makeup are no different. The next time you visit your stylist for airbrush makeup or a new hair cut remember these important questions.

How Will It Look on Me? – You may notice a celebrity or star with a bold and daring look that you will want to try. However, what works for Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston won't necessarily work for you. Before you try a short cut or new color makeup, ask your stylist if it will look good on you. Don't let them beat around the bush, get their honest opinion. A stylist has the advantage of giving you an unbiased take on your natural features and what will work best.

Is it Right for My Lifestyle? – Some women like the "wash and wear" cut that is easy to style in the morning. Others prefer a more high-maintenance cut that involves careful attention. Ask your hair stylist which look is best for you depending on your lifestyle. If you get up early and have the time to spend on your hair, great. But if you are often running around to make it to work on time a more hassle-free cut is best.

What New Products Should I Try/Avoid? – Women are up to date on the latest trends in hair coloring and makeup. They read Vogue, watch Project Runway and surf the internet for style news and tips. However, just because a new product is available doesn't mean it is right for you. Ask your makeup or hair stylist if a new product is something that will be safe for your skin or hair and if it will work. New shampoos, conditioners, makeup and coloring products hit store shelves every day and knowing what's right for you is something you should consult with your stylist about.

Special Occasion Ideas – There will come times when you need to up your glam for special events including weddings, holiday parties and important social events. In the weeks leading up to the big day it is important to consult with your stylist about what look will make an impact and fit your natural features. Going in with some pictures of styles you like is a good way to start and from there you and your stylist can work together on a stunning hair do that will get everyone's attention.

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