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The Beauty Bar takes pride in offering many unique beauty services that will have you looking your best on that special day. Whether you need a glamour makeover for a wedding, prom, Sweet 16 birthday party or other special occasion the pros at The Beauty Bar are ready to style a look that makes you shine. The Beauty Bar offers several styling and makeup services for that one-of-a-kind look.

One of the only beauticians in Connecticut to offer fusion hair extensions, The Beauty Bar is uniquely qualified to provide this Hollywood-level service for your next party.

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Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions, or as we like to call them, addicting, is the type of hair style one can find on celebrities such as Britney Spears. Some remarks we hear from our clients about their natural hair is that they want more volume, that it won't grow or it's too fine/thin.

"As a hairstylist I did my research into the technique of extensions and I was overwhelmed to say the least. I looked into all the companies performing this service and immersed myself in how it is performed. I found So-Cap hair extensions, which are single-strand fusion extensions and saw they were keratin bonds that individually bonded to a couple strands of your hair. I looked further in hopes of answering some questions I had including how the extensions could be taken out and if the extensions would damage the hair.

To take them off, all we do is put an oil-based gel on the bond and, just like that, it slides off the original strands of hair it was originally placed on. I had mine in my hair for almost a year, though usually they only last 4-8 months, but I took very good care of mine. The volume was amazing and the length was perfect. I curled my hair faster and the curls stayed in for days. Five years later and it's the most asked for service we provide to our clients.

At The Beauty Bar all of our trained professionals can walk you through every step of the process before the day of service. We only provide services and use products that we know will give your natural hair longevity."

kisses, love & stilettos! -Adriana

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