Airbrush Makeup by The Beauty Bar

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Airbrush, Airbrush, Airbrush. You've got to love it. You get a full-coverage, flawless finish without that heavy make up feel. Airbrush allows us to match skin tone perfectly, so you never have lines or creases in your makeup. Photographers rave about airbrush's ability to remain clear and unclouded throughout the day. Unlike traditional makeup it won't cake on, or create unsightly clumps. Just a clean, beautiful look that lasts all day.

makeup artist applying airbrush makeup to a bride"Throughout the years of airbrushing these beautiful blushing brides to be, I always remember that a bride does not want to look like someone else on her wedding day and they absolutely don't want their makeup to be rubbed off on the guests. They simply want that beautiful bridal glow and their natural features brought out, but they want it to last until they take it off.

With Airbrush Makeup you get all that and much more. I've tried all the different brands and I fell in love with the Iwatta System that is used and sold at MAC PRO. It's absolutely amazing and the MAC Airbrush foundations that were made for this particular airbrush are flawless.

That's one thing I'm passionate about is taking my technique and my vision and pairing it with top of line quality cosmetics. So from this point forward every single one of my brides has only one thing to do on there wedding day and that is to relax and have fun. Now my clients can go ahead and kiss the night away and hug their guests with confidence, because every molecule of your makeup is there to stay. - Adriana"


  • Brides
  • Aspiring models
  • Actors/actresses
  • TV personalities

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup:

  • Longevity
  • Natural look
  • Even coverage
  • Full coverage
  • 1/3 less product used than traditional
  • Won't smear off
  • Great for HD
  • Sheer texture

Airbrush Makeup is great for girls to use when getting Senior Portraits done. No more retouching makeup in-between outfit changes!